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Our Programmes and Campaign Priorities

Je Tuko Pamoja (Are We Together?)

HakiElimu is advocating for improved learning and teaching enviornments for children living with unique learning needs due to disability

HakiElimu’s research report on Inclusive Education, Examination of Learning and Participation of Visually Impaired Students in Inclusive Schools’ (2018), revealed that the inclusive teaching and learning environment in inclusive schools is not very friendly for visually challenged (VC) learners. The evidence from this research has been used to develop recommendations to inform advocacy.

HakiElimu has launched it’s ‘Je Tuko Pamoja’ (Are we Together?) campaign to highlight the challenges facing learners with unique needs due to disability, in order to promote public dialogue and action and to influence policy. The campaign is expected to reach 24 million people. The campaign advocacy priorities include:


  1. Increased inclusive schools for improved accessibility
  2. Strengthened early identification systems to support enrolment
  3. Adequate numbers of trained teachers to improve learning
  4. Access to appropriate assistive technology / appropriate learning materials
  5. Increased resources (capitation grants) for schools accommodating students with unique learning needs
  6. Adapted curriculums and assessments to meet the differing needs of children with unique needs
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