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GAWE 2020

Dennis Mwasalanga, Elvis Mkera, Abraham Lazaro, Rose Mwenda and Sylvand Jeremiah Participated in GAWE EVENT 2020 Held in Chemba District, 

The main objective of the field trip was to; –

  • Facilitate Media Coverage, Exhibit HakiElimu Works, and Register Friends of Education.

Specific Objectives

  • Facilitate Journalists to cover GAWE event
  • Use Social Media platform to cover GAWE event
  • Distribute HakiElimu Publications
  • Orient friends of education and register new friends.
  • Capture Photos for HakiElimu Visual Bank.

Key achievements

  1. A total of 16 Journalists were facilitated to cover GAWE events. A total of 10 stories were covered upon launching of the week, and a total of 11 were covered upon closing, to date a total of 2 Special features have been aired at Star Tv, however publications continues.
  2. A total of 5765 Publications were distributed.
  3. HakiElimu Facebook, Twitter and Instagram covered GAWE Event.
  4. A total 230 Friends of education have been registered and provided with a friends’ guide booklet
  5. Professional Photos were taken for HAKE’s visual bank.

HakiElimu has contributed 100 Cement Bags, among 325 contributed by other partners

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